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Mature Republic Commando Fanfic- Slash and Het's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Mature Republic Commando Fanfic- Slash and Het's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
7:15 pm
Rif Meets Itch...part one of who knows

Clack. Clack. Clack. The sound one's boots made on durasteel deck plates wasn't nearly as satisfying as when it was an entire battalion of troopers marching along. At least that's what GT-0247, also known as “Itch” thought. Itch was rapidly making his was through the corridors of the Acclamator-class ship called Intrepid. Why was he always he errand boy? There were probably a couple hundred other clones on this ship who could be doing what he was doing, let alone the non-clone boys...and, the rumor was, a few girls. Why did he have to be the one to go and wake up the ship's hired gun?

Finally, Itch reached the right door and punched in the access code he'd given to the Mandalorian when the man had arrived. At least, Itch thought it was a man. It was kind of hard to tell with the helmet.

The door whooshed open, the room inside completely dark except for what light poured in from the corridor. Swallowing, Itch moved inside and rounded a corner to where the bed was. He'd heard stories of how cranky this guy could be first thing in the morning and he didn't want to be the one who got something smashed. A figure was sprawled belly-down on one side of the (in Itch's mind) huge bed, mostly covered with the thin blanket the bed had been supplied with. Both of the Mandalorian's legs were visible to the knee and one a little farther than that and one arm was draped over the man's face—for male he definitely was. There was no way any woman could be as heavily muscled as what this guy looked to be through the blanket...in fact...most males weren't even.

Itch flicked on the lights, bathing the room in light only slightly different from that of natural sunlight. The Mandalorian didn't move. Itch took a deep breath, something in his mind making him nervous. Something wasn't quite right here. There was something much too familiar about this guy's build, the way his muscles were shaped. But this couldn't be a clone...this hair and skin were the wrong shades. The guy's skin was paler, his hair a rather unexciting shade of brown.

Um...Kyr'am, sir?” Itch mumbled.

The mercenary muttered something and twitched slightly. He was dreaming.

Making his voice a little stronger, Itch tried again. “Kyr'am, sir, it's 0900. You're wanted in Ops.”

No reaction this time.

Feeling a little braver, Itch decided to do something he and the other troopers did when one of them wouldn't wake up. Positioning his right hand over the man's shoulder and his left at the back of his head, Itch flicked the Mandalorian's skull, hard.


The arm that had been shielding the merc's face whipped around and grabbed Itch's arm before he could react, twisting it painfully before being released as the man's head came up to look at him.

The man's voice was chillingly familiar as he spoke with palpable grogginess, “What the shab d'you want?”

The voice...the face...they were exactly the same as Itch's own in every structural detail...the only differences were the colors, just like before. The man's eyes were mismatched silver and violet as well as the skin and hair differences.

You...you're one of us!” Itch gasped.

The merc's face hit the pillow immediately after spitting out one word: “was”.

Itch momentarily forgot his orders as a flood of questions cascaded into his mind. “How'd you get away? Where did you go? Why'd you come back to the GAR?

Looking very tired, the Mandalorian—or actually, clone—turned his head without getting up. “Look, kid. I don't exist in the registry. I was KIA, alright? Quit asking dumb questions before someone gets in a lot of trouble. People can get killed for saying that kind of osik around here. And call me Rifler, I really don't want to teach you how to pronounce my name right anyway.”

Itch's mouth dropped open. “You mean...you're THE Rifler? You're the ARC that could stand up to the Nulls and get away with it? How—”

I said shut it!” Rifler hissed. “I really don't feel like starting off my day by giving a loudmouth a concussion, okay?”

His breath sucking in involuntarily, Itch thought, 'yep, he's all original ARC. Total attitude.' Though of course, they were called shock troopers now. He nodded as a reply to Rifler's words.

When the other man stood, Itch couldn't help but helplessly let his eyes drop when he realized Rifler had slept naked. Despite himself, he felt his hormone levels skyrocket before he could pull his eyes back up. Rifler was staring at him, a look of complete incredulity on his face.

Were you...” Rifler started.

Itch gulped, feeling his cheeks flush.

A deep sigh from Rifler made him straighten. “Why is it that all the weird ones have to find me?” Rifler said—seemingly to himself. Then, without warning, the man's fist came around and hit Itch in the jaw, spinning him around and dropping him to his knees. Somehow, that just made Itch's hormone rush double itself in strength. Working his jaw around as he stood, Itch grabbed Rifler right as the man was trying to pull on a pair of pants and kissed him full on the mouth.

For a minute, the ex-ARC's body tenses incredibly, as if preparing to throw Itch across the room, before giving in. To Itch, it seemed that this guy hadn't accepted the possibility of relationships different than the one's usually talked about by normal people—normal meaning non-clone. Then Rifler submitted, surprising Itch. For some reason, Itch had assumed that the Mandalorian would take the more dominant role. He grinned as he kept kissing, deepening it when Rifler opened his mouth. His hands began wandering over the other man's bare back...

Then the ship's comm had to ruin everything. “Kyr'am Galaar to Ops, Kyr'am Galaar to Ops.”

Rifler broke away so quickly Itch nearly lost his balance. All he could do was stand there as the other clone rapidly threw on a set of civilian clothing and blew out the door.

Totally not fair.

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Monday, December 1st, 2008
12:54 pm
Of Clones and Sexual Orientation...Discovery
Just to get the ball rolling...(yeah, this took a lot less time than I'd expected, no I didn't take it farther than I've written phoenix! It was disturbing enough for me to live that as it was--I live by the whole write by experience concept for those anyone who doesn't know me)

Fierfekk, it'd been a while since I'd been here...

After months of being away, I was finally standing once more on Mandalorian soil. The only thing that made me uncomfortable was where that particular piece of soil was located.  I on land occupied by Fi and Parja Skirata, and, because my timing had been off, Kal Skirata was there too.  This was going to be an interesting visit if there ever was one.

And, by the way, I'm a cloned soldier just like Fi; and, being such, I was here on a mission.  Not, as you might think, a military mission, hell no! I'd faked my own death long enough ago to have nearly shaken the need to follow the GAR in any way--though I did do some time as a hired mercenary now and again under a new name and forged identichip. The only thing that had kept me from being discovered was the fact that I'd had my genes altered ever so slightly, changing my hair to a more dark brown and my eyes to one violet, one silver. But anyone that was a clone or had spent much time with them without helmets on would recognize me for what I was. Luckily, no one bothered saying anything or even seemed to care that my facial structure and height were identical.

No. This mission was special because it was all my own. I had decided the reason for the mission, I had determined the necessary equipment, and I had done all the guesswork.  My mission: attempt to determine my own sexual orientation by intentionally instigating sexual activities with another clone who had shown some possibly gay tendencies.  Needed equipment? At least part of my Mandalorian armour I had built, a blaster, and the energy required to run very quickly if things went badly.  Now I was here, though it took me two days longer than I expected, and now I was here and ready to go...sort of.

I had seen Skirata's ship, the Aay'han, on the flattened patch of dirt that served as a landing pad, so I knew I'd have complications to my visit.  "Kal'buir" was still determined to suck me into his little family.  

I rolled my eyes at the thought and started moving.  The sooner I got the niceties over with, the better. I walked over the somewhat uneven turf to the recessed main entry and knocked on the antique-looking wood door.  Talk about a flair for another time. The whole house looked like it was designed for another era with a few modern commodities added over time. Still, it was a nice place.  I took a step back as I heard voices on the other side and some shuffling sounds.  Then the door burst open and Fi, Parja, and Kal were all right there in the doorway.  

Not expecting all three to open the door, I just stood there and blinked stupidly.  Part of the slowed reactions of having been out of the fighting for a while, I think.  It was Fi who spoke first.  

"Rifler? I thought...you..." he stammered.  Not surprising. As far as I still new, only a couple of people knew of my existence, not of which were present.

"You're supposed to be dead," Kal finished for the other clone.

To her credit, Parja didn't say a thing--though her expression said volumes along the lines of "here we go again."  That look made me wonder what had been going on the last few months while I was away.

Slightly annoyed, I sighed and said, "Fi's not the only one who's gotten out of the GAR by having the proper paperwork written and signed. Yes, I'm supposed to be dead, but no, I'm not actually."

All three stared for a moment, making me even more uncomfortable than I already was.  Then Parja finally spoke with an exasperated tone.  "Oh, for the love of...come on you two! Come on in, Rifler and get out of the weather."

I glanced outside as she pulled me inside. It was perfectly fine weather outside, just like I remembered it being just a moment before, there were just a few clouds on the horizon.  Inside, the main part of the house was warm and comfortably--if sparsely--furnished. Continuing to play the prodical child, I allowed myself to be sat in a chair, all the while ignoring random questions shot at me until I'd been seated and Parja had come to my aid telling the two other men to shut up and wait until I was ready to start talking.

No sooner had I opened my mouth than Kal started in on the questions with renewed vigor.

"Where in hell have you been, boy? What've you been doing these past months? Why haven't you contacted anyone?"

I raised my hands defensively, warding off the interrogation I'd known would come with Kal around.  "One question at a time! I can only talk so fast.  First, I've been lying low for the most part and if you'd asked Vau about it, he'd tell you that I was still around, but using a different name. Second, I've been doing my part in the war, still, but as a free man. Third, I have contacted people, and Vau, surprisingly, was one of the first people I spoke with face to face since I disappeared. Now, are you going to keep asking me stupid questions, or are we going to start talking about something useful?"

To my surprise, Kal laughed.  "Yeh, it's you all right.  For a minute I wasn't sure if it was really you. After all, you were one of Vau's boys, not mine. Didn't get to talk to you as much even if you did 'play' with Kom'rk some."

Fi snickered, but I didn't know why. Perhaps it was the way Kal said 'play'? But honestly, the worse the two of us had got up to was a wrestling match that nearly ended with us falling ten feet off of a durasteel girder. Innocent stuff like innocent, naive boys.  I already had the other clone thinking in the right direction, though, which would make my job easier. Conversation continued, Fi becoming more and more curious as to how I'd managed to keep my own survival from getting out.  Somewhere during that time, Parja disappeared on a comlink call. Apparently a neighbor needed help patching up a landspeeder.  Then, a while later, Kal disappeared for something, leaving me alone with Fi.  And suddenly every carefully composed subtle suggestion I had come up with in the past seventy-two hours vanished from my mind.  

Our almost playful banter ceased moments later and a pregnant silence invaded the room.  Fi looked several times as if he wanted to say something and thought better of it.  Finally I stood up, completely off my game and Fi stood too, putting us uncomfortably close together. I decided to put the opportunity to use.

Quickly, I gripped Fi's shoulders the same way I'd held a woman from my past and I kissed him full on the mouth, making myself savor the sensation despite the glaring neon signs in my mind screaming "WRONG! SO WRONG! THIS IS TOTALLY WRONG!"  Then I got surprised. I felt Fi actually lean into it and kiss me back! Now my mind had added klaxons to the bright signs, but I kept kissing him, deepening it when he opened his mouth, running my tongue along his gumline...finally I pulled back, ready to vomit.

Fi was staring at me with a mortified expression and I'm sure the look on my own face was much the same. Then the sound of someone clearing their throat came from behind me. I stiffened and turned around as the lookon Fi's face became even more freaked.  

"Well...that was...wow," Kal said, his eyes wide. "No wonder you were always so uptight around the others, Rif."

I cleared my own throat, thoroughly embarrassed.  "This...um...this isn't what it...I..."

That was when the shit hit the fan. Fi, still looking a little confused and a little scared, gasped, "That was incredible."

I turned around, ready to smack him upside the head, but he grabbed me and pulled me into another kiss. This time I pulled myself away immediately and stepped backward. I hit the chair I had been sitting in only a short while ago and fell, winding myself as the chair toppled and I hit the floor flat on my back.  I scrambled backward and got back up, every nerve in my body screaming at me.

Looking Fi in the eye, I managed to say, "That felt way too good to be right," before I turned around and ran for the door.

Yeah...my sources were right.  Mission accomplished. But if all of my brothers and I are bisexual, doesn't that mean Jango was too?

Right then, I didn't care. I just knew it was time to bang out and get away before some very awkward questions started coming my way. Knowing that, I dashed headlong as far and as fast as I could away from that house before climbing onto the swoop bike I'd borrowed to get there from Keldabe Spaceport and shot back and away.

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Monday, October 6th, 2008
7:38 pm
Welcome to the CloneXClone RC fanfic comm.
And I'm phoenixofborg, your resident pervy admin.

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